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Game discovery

Remember the time before Netflix when you had to go to a video store and find the perfect movie among thousands, without any recommendations?

Finding a relevant online game is a bit like that – with vast amounts of content and limited real estate, finding the perfect match becomes a challenge. Our solution guides players on their journey, keeping them engaged and playing longer.

How Frosmo can help

Tweak your site search for enhanced game discovery

We understand the importance of delivering the best game discovery experience to your players. Frosmo Search considers the most important game attributes and synonyms. This means that when players search for specific terms or keywords, they will receive highly relevant search results, ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for – or get inspiration for new types of games.

Boost and rank search results for maximum visibility

Stand out from the crowd by boosting and ranking search results. With Frosmo Search & Smart Discovery, you have the power to recommend and highlight specific games or promotions to ensure maximum visibility. By strategically promoting certain titles, you can capture players’ attention and drive engagement.

Use Smart Discovery for a visually captivating experience

Frosmo introduces a groundbreaking feature, Smart Discovery. This innovative visual search experience displays AI-generated search suggestions based on previous popular search queries and filtering. Imagine providing your players with immediate access to new and exciting game categories, such as “classic casino” or “multiplayer mayhem.”

The suggestions are sorted based on each visitor’s Super Affinity, ensuring they see the most relevant content first. You can even display these categories as visually engaging elements like images or buttons, capturing players’ attention and increasing their interest in exploring further.

Make the most of your iGaming product with personalization

A well-executed personalization strategy can make a lot of difference in player acquisition, engagement, and lifetime value. Learn how to improve player engagement and loyalty through personalized experiences.

iGaming ebook personalization with Frosmo

Experience the power of personalization with Frosmo

Join the league of successful online gaming operators that have leveraged the power of Frosmo’s solutions to deliver exceptional player experiences.