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Transform your online presence with the most innovative personalization strategies on the market

Have you taken the obvious measures to drive customer engagement and ecommerce growth? Dive into the future of online personalization with Frosmo. Our unique blend of AI-driven strategies, real-time data analysis, and seamless platform integration delivers unmatched customer experiences, distinctly differentiating us from most personalization solutions. Transform your wealth of customer data into captivating experiences that drive conversion and shape loyalties across all channels.

Optimize your customer longevity with an exceptional digital experience

Make your customer data instantly actionable

Frosmo transforms any data source into reliable, scalable product data models. This ensures that every piece of information about what your customers views and buy is accurately captured and ready to be used for sophisticated customer targeting and for delivering automated, personalized experiences at scale. You can monitor your personalization efforts in real time, observing how different visitor profiles from newbies to big buyers interact with your curated content.

To target visitors, the Frosmo Platform can use the data in your CRM and other systems, including POS data. In addition, the Frosmo Platform collects usage data in the visitor’s browser, namely:

  • Behavioral data: Information about the visitor’s actions on the website, including affinities, segments, conversions, and transactions
  • Contextual data: Information about the visitor that is not related to a specific website, including the visitor’s browser, device, and geolocation

Here’s our multidimensional personalization process for optimizing your customer experience:

most innovative personalization strategies on the market
Turn data from various sources into a personalized experience
  1. Identify customer journey phase: Is your customer only discovering your offering, comparing prices, or looking for complementary accessories for products they already decided to purchase? You can personalize your home page for different customer segments and drive engagement with relevant suggestions.
  2. Identify context: Curate the experience based on the traffic source, page type, geolocation, and ad campaign data, along with data from other systems (for example, your CDP) and offline sources (for example, POS data) to provide personalized search results and content.
  3. Identify affinity: Based on behavior and interactions, recognize product attributes that resonate with each individual customer. Use the insights to effortlessly create automatic audiences for content that highlights the most appealing brands, product types, and price ranges for every customer profile.

Complement any tech stack

Frosmo complements any ecommerce platform and headless system. You can integrate Frosmo with your back-end system and any analytics tool, marketing automation system, or customer data management platform. Frosmo utilizes Google’s standards for data tracking and product information so it’s easy to seamlessly integrate on your site.

What if your data comes from several sources and resembles a plate of spaghetti? No worries, we’ll straighten it out! Our data models can be used not just for personalization purposes but also to enrich the customer data in your other systems.

Complement any tech stack
Frosmo acts as the data hub to serve relevant content and recommendations across all channels

Analytics tool integrations
You can track and improve all important web user metrics (think AOV, bounce and exit rates, clicks, and conversion rates) with Frosmo. Analyze the tracking data to understand how the site is performing on a business level and to make data-driven decisions about how to grow your online business.

Marketing automation integrations
You have probably invested a lot in your marketing automation system. Frosmo can help you to make the most of your system by gathering and processing customer data for it. You can then use the data to target your marketing efforts to the appropriate audiences and set up integrations with, for example, email services.

CDP integrations
Extracting useful data from customer data platforms (CDPs) can be laborious and require the use of multiple APIs. The Frosmo Platform can be used as a master API, an interface for all data calls between your CDP and your website. This allows you to quickly process the various data managed by your CDP, allowing you to make the most of your toolset.

POS integrations
Match point-of-sale customer preferences online and map your customer journeys across all channels. Based on multiple data points, such as matching the stores with the customer’s geolocation, previous selections, searches, and purchase history, you can accurately predict which products are purchased together and popular in certain areas, or when a season is changing in a geographical area.

All the features you want, and then some!

Personalization strategies

  • Recommendation strategies. Enhance your customers’ shopping experience by always showing them what they truly desire. Frosmo’s powerful recommendation engine analyzes vast amounts of customer data to deliver product recommendations that are spot-on. You can combine robust recommendation algorithms to create strategies guaranteed to deliver results.
  • Super Affinity. Super Affinity allows you to add a layer of dynamic personalization on top of any recommendation strategy. Every business has their own fingerprint of attributes that are relevant and help them differentiate and achieve business goals. Super Affinity uses those attributes to calculate the affinity score of each visitor, ensuring that each customer is served with relevant information on the prime spot of their screen.
  • Content modifications. A modification is a real-time change to a web page designed to personalize or otherwise improve the user experience of a website and guide visitors to complete a conversion. Personalized modifications are based on visitor attributes that can be either rule-based (affinities, segmentation) or data-based (machine learning algorithms). You can place a modification in basically any web page element, either appending or replacing the original content of the element.
  • Templates. A template defines a reusable piece of content for modifications. Instead of manually coding the content for a modification variation, you can use a template to dynamically provide that content. Frosmo’s quick start onboarding program includes a set of templates to get you started.
Personalization strategies
Automated audiences

Automated audiences

  • Super Affinity. Effortlessly create audiences based on customer behavior, preferences, and interactions. This powerful feature allows you to segment your customers dynamically, ensuring that each individual receives content that aligns perfectly with their unique needs and interests. 
  • Rule-based segmentation. Segments are used to target specific types of visitors with content that matches their interests. You can define a set of rules that place a visitor into one or more segments – or remove a visitor from them. You can also use affinity groups to target modifications to visitors. The best way to implement targeting depends on your industry and the goals and plans you have for your website.

Product discovery

  • Personalized search. Your business strategy matters, and so should your search results. Frosmo allows you to boost and rank search results based on your unique business objectives. Highlight best-selling products and seasonal offers, or promote specific brands to drive conversions and revenue.
  • Smart Discovery. Our unique visual search experience displays AI-generated product collections based on previous popular search queries and filtering. The collections are sorted based on each visitor’s Super Affinity, ensuring they see the most relevant categories first. 
  • Personalized discovery recommendations. Every customer has different needs and preferences. With Frosmo’s advanced recommendation engine, you can cater to different customer segments during the discovery phase.
  • Personalized customer journeys. A seamless customer journey is the key to driving conversions and maximizing customer satisfaction. Frosmo enables you to personalize every step of the customer journey:
    • Personalized home page: Create a home page that speaks directly to your customers’ interests. Display recommendations based on their past interactions and behaviors, enticing them to explore further.
    • Category and product pages: Enhance category and product pages with dynamic recommendations. Show related products, cross-sells, and up-sells to guide customers towards finding the perfect items they desire.
    • Checkout process: Keep the discovery alive by showcasing last-minute recommendations or limited-time offers. Encourage customers to add more to their cart, increasing average order value.
Testing and optimization

Testing and optimization

  • A/B testing. Data-driven decision-making is at the core of the Frosmo. Conduct manual A/B testing to compare different content variations and recommendation strategies. Testing provides valuable insights into the performance of your personalization efforts, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time data. 
  • Automated optimization. Never settle for subpar messaging again. Frosmo utilizes the multi-armed bandit (MAB) feature to automatically and intelligently optimize your messaging efforts. MAB allocates traffic to different content variations, allowing you to identify the most effective content that resonates with your audiences.
  • Real-time messaging. Timing is everything in ecommerce, and with Frosmo, you can seize every opportunity to engage with your visitors. Our solution enables you to trigger personalized messages in real time based on your visitors’ actions. Whether it’s encouraging them to complete a purchase, promoting limited-time offers, or welcoming new visitors, you can deliver the right message at the right moment, increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Visitor explorer. Simulate the personalized experience for different customer profiles and easily test and visualize how recommendation strategies change the experience for different page types and audiences.

Omnichannel experience

  • Unified experience. Create a seamless, synchronized, and logical customer experience across multiple different channels maximizing the customer lifetime value.
  • Effective email marketing and retargeting. Minimize manual work and maximise the reach of your product catalogue by using Frosmo’s recommendation strategies and Smart Discovery in personalized emails.
  • CDP data enrichment. Align your email marketing strategy with your online sales strategy: Use Super Affinity data to target customers based on latest insights about what they are interested in, what’s trending, and when a season is changing.
  • POS/ERP integration. Get real-time customer insights about changing behaviour related to trends, seasons and locality from your in-store sales data. 
Omnichannel experience

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