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Just like each visitor, each industry and technology stack is unique. To create truly superior customer experiences that have a positive impact on your bottom line, the software solution needs to complement your technical setup as well as match your customers’ needs.

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Enable fast and easy personalization across all customer touchpoints on top of any ecommerce platform


Reduce churn, grow lifetime value, and deliver a superior customer experience in iGaming

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Utilize content stored in Contentful, define target audiences, and personalize user journeys


Complement React with smooth personalization, segmentation, and experimentation

SAP Commerce Cloud

Enable fast front-end development and easy personalization for SAP Commerce Cloud


Speed up your Magento site development and improve the digital user experience for your visitors

IBM Commerce

Bring agile development to the front end and experience optimization for IBM Commerce

A guide to product recommendations

Smart and effective recommendations can significantly increase average order values and ultimately boost your profits. Recommending items that your customers want at the time when they’re most engaged can enhance user experiences to improve conversion rates.

Read on to find out how recommendations can learn about customers in real-time and personalize all the pages they visit. Start delivering different recommendation types based on how users behave and where they are on the customer journey.

Enjoy reading!