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Utilize content stored in Contentful and define target audiences, and personalized user journeys


Dynamic content based on machine learning algorithms


Behavioral targeting for personalized user journeys


Hypothesis-driven front-end development

Frosmo provides fast and easy ways for personalization, targeting and testing for sites using Contentful. Advanced AI features to ensure that a large number of visitors receive relevant dynamic content.

Get the best out of your headless architecture

Add personalization to your Contentful and React sites

Benefits of using a Contentful setup with Frosmo:

  1. Generate superior user experience through dynamic and personalized content based on visitor’s behavior and machine learning 
  2. AI-powered recommendations and optimization
  3. Implement hypothesis-driven development, where each new functionality is tested in the front-end before selecting the best specification for final implementation 
  4. Track data on the website and use it for marketing automation or AI predictions

Successful technology implementations always require the clarity of roles and processes. Frosmo matches existing workflows regarding CMS and content development, and enables clear roles between developers, content creators and ecommerce managers.

Frosmo is integrated with Contentful. This allows ecommerce or optimization teams to utilize content stored in Contentful and define target audiences, user journeys, and experiments while feeling confident that the content is always up-to-date.