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Personalize visitor experience on any Contentful site

Different website visitors have different needs for information. Frosmo allows you to show content on your Contentful site either based on business rules or AI predictions.

Implementing content recommendations with Frosmo can reap amazing results


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Why Choose Frosmo

  • Save time– Let the content recommendations do their magic, instead of manually selecting what to show in each slot.
  • Offer relevant content– Content recommendations help all visitor personas to find what they are looking for and demonstrate the broadness of your content.
  • Drive business– Content orchestration helps with lead generation and engagement. If your target is to keep the visitor on the site, relevant content is the key.

LinkedIn live session: Using personalization for lead generation

Watch Maija Erkheikki from Frosmo and Moritz Guth from Contentful as they talk about utilizing personalization for lead generation.

Frosmo provides fast and easy personalization, targeting and testing for Contentful websites.

  • Frosmo works at the front-end of your website and uses content from Contentful
  • AI-driven content recommendations are then created  based on real-time behavioral data and preferences by visitors
  • Rule-based personalization can be used to modify any element of your website
  • Segmentation allows targeting different personas based on their behavior
  • Frosmo can be used to implement hypothesis-driven development, where each new functionality is tested in the front end before selecting the best specification for final implementation

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