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Personalization for Contentful


Dynamic content based on machine learning algorithms

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Behavioral targeting for personalized customer journeys

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Future-proof technology

Frosmo works smoothly with Contentful and React 


Frosmo provides fast and easy personalization, targeting and testing for Contentful websites.

  • Generate superior user experiences by showing content based on visitors’ data and preferences.
  • Add AI-powered recommendations and dynamic content to increase conversions.
  • Implement hypothesis-driven development, where each new functionality is tested in the front end before selecting the best specification for final implementation.

Implementing personalized customer journeys with Frosmo can reap amazing results


Better CTR


Purchase conversion


Increase in AOV

We’ve got the winning formula in delivering the best personalization results in the market

Frosmo's product winning formula

A-lehdet aims to provide delightful personalized customer journeys to all website visitors and that is how Frosmo came into the picture – with its versatility to provide personalization, A/B testing, and recommendations in a single platform.

Personalization is the key to unlocking the association between your brand and customer experience. It enables businesses to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach by presenting the relevant message at the right time across all touchpoints along the customer journey. The ebook contains loads of examples and practical tips for different industries, such as retail, media, and iGaming.





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