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Easily accessible and personalized communication to all citizens

We help government agencies give easier access to the information that people need.

Personalized and timely communication to all

Easy and automated implementation


Personalization for public sector

  • More relevant messaging saves the resource of call centers and have a direct link to cost savings.
  • Employees are happier due to reduced work-load in support.
  • Make all information and content easily accessible across administrational boundaries for all citizens.
  • Better digital services bring more satisfied visitors that engage more with the content.
  • Allow rapid pervasive response to evolving situations by allowing targeting content to certain groups.
  • Achieve all these without expensive systems projects or adding manual labor.

The Frosmo Platform is
fully GDPR-compliant

Frosmo doesn’t track any personal data and for

Frosmo doesn’t track any personal data and for example, IP address data is not used to targeting the visitors.
Access to Frosmo can have different user levels and rights.
Frosmo never collects visitor data for its own purposes, or for the purpose of selling it to a third party.
Frosmo does not transfer personal data outside the EU/ETA area.

Read more from our privacy policy.

Personalized content block – Easy way to start providing the content that site visitors want and need

Benefits of the personalized content block:

  • The usability of the service increases.
  • Relevant content can be recommended based on the interest of the visitor.
  • Visitors can find newsworthy and important topics otherwise not seen.
  • Visitors find the most relevant content to them faster and without many clicks.
  • Machine Learning algorithms to recommend content that is related and interest of the visitor.

The Frosmo Platform provides fast and easy development as it doesn’t require coding.

Easily add adjustments, make changes, and offer more customized options:

  • Easy for publisher to finetune and change differ attributes such as scheduling and recommendation strategies 
  • Ready set recommendation strategies to choose from:
    • Trending content
    • Overall most popular
    • Most popular in the category
    • User recently viewed

Helsinki aims to be the city in the world that makes the best use of digitalization. It’s been a pleasure to work with Frosmo. Their knowledge and technical expertise of personalized user journeys have helped us to get closer to our goal.

Mika Lappalainen

Editor-In-Chief, The city of Helsinki

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