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Personalization for headless ecommerce

Frosmo is easy to implement on headless ecommerce sites. Data tracking is based on Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce standard and the look and feel of recommendations can be easily adjusted. We have a free trial option available.

Why choose Frosmo

Early churn prediction

Drive business


Personalization and recommendations have a significant impact on click-through and conversion rates.

Save time



Frosmo adapts to visitor’s every click and business attributes are easy to add.

Increased player lifetime value

Future-proof architecture

Real-time data tracking using the datalayer, React Connector and SPA support available.

Implementing personalized customer journeys with Frosmo can reap amazing results


Better CTR


Purchase conversion


Increase in AOV

Still considering your architecture choice? 

To successfully support modern business requirements, a new breed of platform services built around creative freedom and access to core platform services is becoming the new standard – it’s called headless commerce. Find out the biggest benefits of headless commerce and how its unique architecture allows you to weave more personalized customer experiences throughout your sales process.


How Frosmo works on headless sites


Frosmo provides fast and easy personalization, targeting, and testing for Contentful websites.

  • Frosmo works at the front-end of the ecommerce site and does not require third-party cookies.
  • Frosmo creates AI-driven product recommendations based on contextual and real-time behavioral data.
  • Rule-based personalization can be used to modify any element of your website.
  • Data tracking happens through datalayer events, we recommend using Google Enhanced Ecommerce -standard for your datalayer.
  • Product information is updated using a feed, for example Google Shopping Feed. Any attributes available on the feed can be used to filter recommendations.
  • You can use our recommendation components or React Connector.

Personalization is the key to unlocking the association between your brand and customer experience. It enables businesses to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach by presenting the relevant message at the right time across all touchpoints along the customer journey. The ebook contains loads of examples and practical tips for different industries, such as retail, media, and iGaming.









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