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Enable fast and easy personalization across all your customer touchpoints on top of any ecommerce platform


Personalized customer journeys


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Frosmo works with retail companies around Europe to help them meet high customer expectations and stay on top of the game in this highly competitive omnichannel world. The most effective way for you to provide superior customer experiences that promote repeated purchases and increase sales is through highly personalized customer journeys. The Frosmo Platform enables fast and easy personalization across all your customer touchpoints on top of any ecommerce platform.

Examples of creating personalized customer journeys

Strategies for seamless customer journeys:

Speed up your ecommerce site development and improve the digital user experience for your visitors.  Frosmo complements any ecommerce platform and brings agile development as a front-end layer and utilizes the data from the back end. This offers new possibilities for developers to do the development in the front end, and knowledge of JavaScript is all that is required. What makes it so powerful is that developers can work on any frameworks that are familiar to them.

Continuous improvement through faster and more frequent testing. Before you waste your costly development resources and code anything to your ecommerce back end, you should verify what works best on your website. You can keep the best-performing implementations running in the front end using the Frosmo Platform, or code them to ecommerce platform back end. This creates an iterative and agile process for front-end development. Experimentation is important as even a small change can turn into big revenue. Use the automated multi-armed bandit to create a high-performing and continuously optimized site based on the current trends in buying behavior.

AI-powered recommendations personalized for each visitor. Increase customer satisfaction, repeated purchases, and the average order value with product recommendations including bundles, basket recommendations, and most bought or viewed products. A common way to increase the average order value is to remind customers how much more they should order to qualify for free delivery. You can also boost sales by enhancing seasonal campaigns with traffic optimization and content personalization, as well as launching pre-sales for logged-in users only.

Seamlessly combine data from any kind of source into one solid feed. Use a machine learning process to compare all the available information from your paying and churned customers in order to predict, which customers are at risk of churning or have the possibility of turning into loyal customers.

PWA  (Progressive Web Apps) for a friction-free omnichannel shopping experience. PWAs can offer the benefits of native apps such as great experience and notifications, but don’t require the installation process through an app store.

The best customer experience is no longer based on profiling customer sets. Every single customer is different with their needs and preferences. In an online grocery store, a great customer experience comes from knowing the customer so well that you are able to delight them by recommending products of interest.
Janne Timmerbacka
ICT Director, Kauppahalli24