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Frosmo specializes in player data collection and personalization. The Frosmo Platform collects a wide range of data for targeting and continuously optimizes site performance. We use cutting-edge technologies, such as AI-driven recommendations, to supplement your iGaming platform with a player experience layer.

Frosmo works its magic in the front end, so it enables you to make changes to your player journey without having to tweak your iGaming platform. No more invisible deposit buttons, irrelevant recommendations, and disappearing players. Escape those rigid gaming platforms forever.

Features that work like a treat

The Frosmo Platform is integrated into your site through a single line of code, “the Frosmo tag”. Our basic feature setup is a set of preconfigured platform features that serve as a tried-and-tested starting point for your personalization journey, mitigating any cold-start problems. 

The platform immediately starts collecting data relevant to your KPIs, such as player affinities and other contextual and behavioral data. In time, you can use the data to learn more about your players and enrich the player data in your other systems.

The setup also provides you with templates for recommendations and other content modifications, as well as segments for creating target audiences, to immediately start personalizing and optimizing your site. 

Why Frosmo is your superhero

Personalization has a positive impact on the conversion rate and average customer value. The players who complete transactions are more likely to return and share their experiences. The loyalty improvement is the “interest on interest” in personalization ROI

  • Reduce acquisition costs– Create personalized landing pages based on the affiliate site or campaign your new visitor comes from.
  • Improve player loyalty and lifetime value – Ensure your always delivering relevant content for each player at every stage of their journey.
  • Increase site revenue – Knowing your players allows you to predict their actions and keep them engaged.
  • Complement your iGaming platform – Supplement your iGaming platform with cutting-edge personalization features.


We want to make data-driven decisions. The analytics tools provided by Frosmo, in combination with the UI elements we have developed through the Frosmo Platform, provide us with very accurate data to base our site improvements on.

Thierry Jacot-Descombes, Head of E-Commerce, Swisslos

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