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2 February │ Thursday │ 15:00 EET

4 strategies to improve player acquisition in iGaming

Player acquisition is a major expense for online casinos. What do you do once you drive traffic from the best affiliates, run cool campaigns, and know how to buy media profitably? Leading operators employ personalization technology to ensure optimal conversion from casual visitors to engaged players.

In this 30-minute free webinar, we explain four tactics our customers use to keep, convert and engage players with help of personalized content and game recommendations.

iGaming is all about keeping players engaged and entertained. For any operator to stand out in the competition, keeping the players’ attention is critical.

Most visitors land on iGaming sites, such as online casinos and sports betting sites, through affiliate sites or ads. Indeed, the entire point of affiliate marketing is to drive traffic to iGaming sites. But when a visitor arrives at your site, how do you as the Casino Manager convince them to make a deposit and, eventually, turn them into a loyal player?

  • Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of player acquisition
  • Find out how to improve player retention and lifetime value
  • Discover how to increase revenue from existing players
  • Realize the power of personalization for better engagement

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Join Frosmo’s iGaming experts to get the latest insights on the most successful strategies for smooth onboarding and engaging of new players.

Frosmo’s winning personalization consists of AI-driven game recommendations that customize player experiences
regardless of your iGaming platform. Frosmo was founded in 2008 to create a platform to help companies
become successful in digital services by making personalization fast and easy.