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Dafabet Connect receives 65.6% of their downloads through Frosmo modifications

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  • Fast time-to-market
  • Site-wide promotional campaigns
  • Significant contribution to conversions

Dafabet enlisted Frosmo to make their customers aware of the new Dafabet Connect software. The resulting modifications made by Frosmo have contributed to 65.6% of total download conversions. In just under 2 weeks, the promotional campaign made it from concept and design all the way to development and site-wide implementation.

As the software was already available by the time the modifications were requested, time-to-market was critical for Dafabet. Since the software solved some of the limitations of Dafabet’s website, it was important that customers knew that a solution existed and was ready to use.   

We have tons of projects internally so development resources are always scarce. However, with 1-2 weeks notice only, Frosmo delivered.
Jerwin Francis Forbes

Promoting Dafabet Connect through Frosmo modifications

When the software was ready, Dafabet decided to dedicate a landing page, a section on the Dafabet Official Page, Frosmo modifications on the entire website, and a lightbox on their entry page to help promote Dafabet Connect to their customers.

By cross-referencing their internal click-download tracking, third-party analytics, and Frosmo’s custom conversion tracking, the data proved that customers were actively downloading the software and mostly through the content served through Frosmo.

The Dafabet Connect promotional modifications are only a handful of the Frosmo modifications that Dafabet uses to optimize their website. While they may not all have such a direct impact on conversions, together they provide Dafabet customers with the content they need and Dafabet with the online growth they desire.

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