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Reduce churn, grow lifetime value, and deliver a superior customer experience in iGaming


Greater player loyalty and retention


Increased customer life-time value


Early churn prediction

Customize player experiences regardless of your online gaming platform. The Frosmo Platform provides a flexible and easy way to personalize player journeys. Personalization is the most powerful way to increase conversion rates and achieve player loyalty. 

Delight customers to increase conversion rates. The first 3 weeks are important to keep new players engaged for a longer time. Conversion rates can be increased by 40% through customization and implementation of personalized customer journeys.

Achieve greater player loyalty and retention. Turn passive customers into active with Frosmo Recommendations and show the most effective incentives at the appropriate time on a player-by-player basis. AI-powered recommendations make it easier for players to choose the most relevant games or slots to play next and help cross-selling products from sport betting to casino. Add recommended games to betting slips or show casino-related content while the player is waiting for their football game to begin in the sports lobby.

Continuous improvement through faster and more frequent testing.
Experimentation is important as even a small change can turn into big revenue generators. Optimization through automated multi-armed bandit creates a high-performing and continuous updating of selection based on the trends in buying behavior.

Frosmo can speed up the identification of high-value players 
and offer the right promotions and relevant games. iGaming sites typically have many different products available and with machine learning, Frosmo helps to pick the right ones based on a deep understanding of the players’ preferences.

Early churn prediction. Combining near real-time behavioral data from the browser and utilizing the historical data from CRM helps to predict player behavior. This mining of the data has proven to give 86% accuracy in predicting which players are in threat of churn.

We’re investing in machine learning to understand what our customers require in today’s busy gaming environment. Frosmo provides us with the architecture, expertise, and insight that allows us to focus on delivering the exact omnichannel experience our customers desire.
Des de Silva
Head of Marketing, 188BET