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Give your customers the best personalized digital experiences

We use AI-driven personalization to create unique digital customer journeys that build loyalty, increase retention, and deliver long-term benefits both to brands and to their customers.

The Frosmo Platform offers personalization capabilities and features to better target your customers and win them over for life

Automated merchandising

  • Industry best practices automatically deployed to your site
  • Create recommendation strategies with a no-code UI to push sales across your site

Algorithm-based content and product recommendations

  • Predefined recommendation strategies for different page types and use cases
  • Refine your recommendations with fixed items and filtering
  • Use your recommendations in emails
  • Natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition for advanced recommendations

Automated optimization, A/B testing

  • Have your recommendation strategies compete against one another
  • Choose your algorithm for automated optimization or run A/B tests to select the best performing variant

Basic feature setup – start with industry best practices

  • Get started fast with tried-and-tested essentials for personalization and optimization
  • Get actionable data right from the start with out-of-the-box segmentation and tracking
  • Easily build on the baseline setup to take advantage of all that the Frosmo Platform has to offer

Dynamic segmentation of website visitors

  • Out-of-the-box segments for customer journey orchestration
  • Real-time segmentation based on visitor behavior on the site
  • Flexible rules for defining segments
  • Selective profiling feature for GDPR purposes
  • Show contextual content to visitors who refuse profiling

Rule-based content and product targeting

  • User-friendly rule definition and triggers (for example basket content)
  • Shows content from your existing CMS or DAM
  • New templates for targeting can be easily created
  • Pre-made templates/solutions for different use cases

Placements – any element on the page can be personalized

  • Freely personalize existing elements, or add new personalized elements

Reporting – total transparency

  • View performance statistics in the Frosmo Control Panel
  • Integrate with Google Analytics or Google Data Studio

Future-proof architecture

  • Real-time product and visitor tracking using Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce events
  • Seamless fit with microservice and headless architectures
  • API-first approach that allows you to connect to any CDP, CRM, or DMP system

Personalization usually begins with AI-driven content or product recommendations, depending on the type of site. Deployment is fast and easy with our basic feature setup. 

AI-driven content recommendations

Deliver unique relevant experiences by selecting the right content for the right visitor.

AI-driven product recommendations

Provide an immediate uplift on your conversion rate and average order value.

How it works

You can integrate Frosmo with all e-commerce, headless e-commerce and headless CMS platforms. Is your webpage built with Shopify, Magento, WordPress (WooCommerce for instance), BigCommerce, Kibo? Easily integrate Frosmo into any system.

Frosmo utilizes Google’s standards for data tracking and product information so it’s easy to seamlessly integrate on your site.

Frosmo creates AI-driven product recommendations based on contextual and real-time behavioral data. There’s a no-code user interface to create your own strategies and you always have full visibility into how each recommendation strategy works.

AI-driven personalization

Why Choose Frosmo

Personalization is the key to unlocking the association between your brand and customer experience. It enables businesses to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach by presenting the relevant message at the right time across all touchpoints along the customer journey.

  • Quick results– See business value in 30 days!
  • Adaptability– easiest way to add the atributes that matter to your business
  • Continuous optimization– Superior combination of features makes us win 100% of the time

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