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The best product recommendation engine on the market

Unlike any other software provider, Frosmo matches the right AI-driven product recommendations at the right time of the customer journey, providing an immediate uplift on your conversion rate and average order value.

Watch how easy it is to change product recommendation strategies in the Frosmo Platform and how they adapt to customer’s behavior.

Personalization that works and has been proven in different industries

285% better CTR

170% purchase conversion

41% increase in AOV

  • Products in recommendations change instantaneously based on clicks
  • Recommendations algorithms change according to user behavior and easily adapt to your business requirements
  • Continuous AI-driven optimization that dynamically searches for the best algorithm or recommendation strategy for a specific visitor segment and automatically verifies its performance according to a specified KPI
  • The new recommendation strategy UI allows you to create new recommendation strategies without coding
  • Easy to deploy using your data layer structure, no further integrations required
  • With Frosmo, you can start with recommendations and expand to other personalization use cases with the same platform

…plus a lot more features!

We’ve proven our point again and again because of our winning formula in delivering the best personalization results in the market.

Frosmo’s AI-driven product recommendations can deliver better turnover, higher conversions, and increased AOV.


Power delivers effective product recommendations in different phases of the customer journey


Rajala delivers fast, easy, and relevant personalized experiences with Frosmo


Reima creates superior customer experiences with SAP Hybris and Frosmo

We make product recommendations fast and easy

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Personalized web pages can help you stand out from the competition by capturing the micro-moments of ecommerce shopping. Your visitors are more likely to spend money and return to a site that makes them feel valued with personalized offers that are tailored to their needs.

Start delivering personalized experiences on your front, category, and product pages. Your customers will be happy, which also means your conversion rates will soar.

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