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The 6 best content recommendation strategies

Jaakko Vähämaa

This blog post walks you through the six best content recommendation strategies. These strategies are among the ones that our customers use on their content sites and that have been proven to perform well. Have a look at the strategies to gain a deeper understanding of how personalization can be utilized on content sites. 

The goal of this blog post is to provide insights into when in the user journey and on what types of pages to use which strategy.

Let’s get going with the strategies.

1. Most viewed content

This content recommendation activates the visitor at the beginning of the user journey when there’s little to no information available about what the visitor likes. The “most viewed” recommendation is based solely on statistical data and highlights the best performing content on your site.


2. Most viewed content in a category

This content recommendation improves user experience and guides the visitor towards the content of their interest. The more easily the visitor finds the topics they are looking for, the more content they tend to consume. Works great on a category page for first-time visitors.


3. Similar content

Remove human bias from the equation and allow AI to recommend similar content. This strategy allows the visitor to discover new and alternative content based on what they’re currently consuming. Works great on a blog or an article page.


4. Others also viewed

People care about what others are doing. This recommendation shows what content earlier visitors have consumed, pointing the way forward for the current visitor who’s looking for more content.

5. Last viewed content

To help the visitor continue where they left off on their previous visit or browsing session, use the “last viewed” content recommendation. This recommendation improves user experience and eases the visitor’s path towards conversion. Works great on a blog or home page.

6. Super-Affinity

Recommendations based on affinity are what make the visits for each visitor truly personalized. Affinity measures a visitor’s level of engagement with content, such as blog posts or articles, on a website. This means the visitor is shown content that they have shown interest in. The Frosmo Platform automatically tracks affinities for each visitor in near real-time. This powerful personalization feature works great across the site.

There you have it. The best 6 recommendation strategies for content sites. If you’d like to know how personalization can boost lead generation by applying ecommerce principles to content, go watch our 20-minute discussion with Contentful.

Are you ready to start your personalization journey?

About the writer: 

Jaakko Vähämaa  is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Frosmo. He is a newcomer in the field of digital marketing and is interested in various marketing techniques for client acquisition. In his spare time, he has a calling for all kinds of sports involving a ball – squash being his favorite.