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Personalizing the great outdoors: How to create a stand-out outdoor gear shopping experience

Outdoors ecommerce and online retail, including outdoor clothing, camping and hiking gear as well as fishing and hunting equipment, have some unique characteristics that set them apart from other ecommerce verticals. The strong feeling of community means that if the customer experience is right, your customers will stay loyal and provide great lifetime value.

However, they require a lot of information and rely on your expertise to easily find the products for their specific needs. That’s easy in brick-and-mortar stores with specialized staff, but how can it be translated into a superior online customer experience? While the majority of outdoors-related purchases is still made offline, the portion of online purchases in increasing rapidly.

Outdoor enthusiasts are seeking more than just gear to support their adventures. They crave personalized experiences tailored to their unique preferences and values.

In this blog post, we will discuss how website personalization can enhance the online shopping journey for outdoor gear enthusiasts.

Emphasize product expertise and education

Outdoor enthusiasts are known for their knowledge about the gear they require for their activities and they want to make informed decisions based on technical specifications, such as a product’s material, weight, or waterproofing level. Successful outdoor ecommerce retailers understand the importance of providing detailed product information, tutorials, and educational content. 

Emphasize product expertise and education

However, what if websites could take this valuable information one step further? By leveraging website personalization, you can deliver tailored recommendations and content to customers based on their interests and preferences. Imagine a website that curates educational resources specifically for hikers or climbers, showcasing the gear and techniques most relevant to their chosen activities. This personalized approach establishes the retailer as an expert in the activity they gear for,  building loyalty and trust.

Highlight sustainability and environmental responsibility

The outdoor industry is closely tied to the environment, and outdoor enthusiasts often prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Retailers that align with their customers’ values by prioritizing sustainability in their operations and product offerings can attract and retain loyal customers. 

Highlight sustainability and environmental responsibility

Website personalization allows retailers to showcase their commitment to the environment more effectively. By using customer data and preferences, you can personalize the shopping experience, highlighting eco-friendly products, providing information on sustainable manufacturing processes, and offering tips on how to minimize environmental impact during outdoor activities. This level of personalization creates a genuine connection between the retailer and the customer, fostering stronger relationships and a sense of shared values.

Cater for mobile commerce and social media

Outdoor enthusiasts are frequently on the go, making mobile commerce crucial in this vertical. Customers rely on easy navigation, fast-loading pages, and a strong social media presence from outdoor retailers. Additionally, having a strong social media presence is vital for outdoor retailers to engage with their target audience and showcase outdoor experiences, gear, and tips. 

Offering a meaningful product discovery experience on mobile is notoriously difficult. The abundance of options presented to mobile users can be overwhelming. Mobile users may struggle to find products based on specific technical terms and compatibility details.

Consider implementing personalized product collections. They are essentially search suggestions for a selection of products based on the customer’s preferences and popular searches, making it easier for them to navigate and discover what they’re looking for.

Focus on targeted branding and niche marketing

The outdoor industry boasts a passionate and loyal customer base. Retailers understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity that resonates with the outdoor enthusiasts’ lifestyle and values. Niche marketing campaigns targeting specific outdoor activities, such as hiking or fishing, have become a common strategy to connect with the target audience. 

Website personalization takes niche marketing to new heights. By leveraging customer data and preferences, you can deliver personalized messaging, product recommendations, and promotions related to a customer’s preferred activities. Imagine a camping enthusiast visiting a website that showcases camping gear, shares camping tips in blog posts, and even offers personalized recommendations based on the customer’s specific camping preferences.

Focus on targeted branding and niche marketing

Create a unique user interface or design for each customer, personalizing their home, category, and checkout pages. Or, you can build your entire storefront on personalized recommendations. This is where data tracking really shines: You can show recommendations based on different product attributes for different customers. For example, for an eco-conscious customer, you can make sure that sustainable products are always prominently displayed.

The outdoor industry experiences seasonal fluctuations, with specific products in higher demand during certain times of the year. It is essential for retailers in this vertical to anticipate and accommodate these seasonal trends to optimize sales and inventory management. 

Website personalization enables you to proactively adapt to these trends by offering personalized recommendations and promotions based on the current season. You can even deliver a hyper-localized shopping experience by customizing content and product offerings based on the customer’s geographical location. 

Don’t forget seasonality and trends

For example, you can show different prices based on the customer’s area or display products appropriate to the weather in where they reside. You can feature winter gear for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts during the colder months, while suggesting summer gear for hiking and camping enthusiasts during warmer seasons. By personalizing the shopping experience based on seasonal trends, you can ensure customers have access to the gear they need when they need it. This drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Are you ready to make the most personalization?

Personalization goes beyond just recommending trending products. It’s about understanding your customers on a deeper level and presenting them with relevant options throughout their journey. For example, with Frosmo’s AI-driven personalization strategies, you can suggest items based on customer affinity, such as category, brand, and other preferences. You can also make use of similarities between visitors to predict which items they are interested in. This level of personalization ensures that every interaction is tailored to the individual, making their experience seamless and enjoyable.

We are happy to work with a company that truly understands what we need. Frosmo has delivered their promise and has helped us in creating highly focused content and personalized experiences for our customers.

Kuutti Haapanen
Head of Ecommerce & Marketing, Scandinavian Outdoor

We at Frosmo work closely with several local and international outdoor suppliers and understand their distinct needs. We even have quite a few outdoor enthusiasts in our own staff. Well-planned personalization has proven to be the secret ingredient in the mix, elevating the customer experience and building loyalty.

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