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The future is here: Personalized product collections for a unique ecommerce product discovery experience

In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of ecommerce, businesses need to go the extra mile to stand out and provide a personalized experience for their customers. This is where the concept of personalized product collections, offered only by Frosmo, comes into play.

In our previous blog posts, we explored the challenges of mobile product discovery in ecommerce and discussed how personalization and improved search can supercharge your mobile ecommerce strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the workings of personalized product collections, or, Smart Discovery, its remarkable benefits, and how it can transform the customer journey. Get ready to unlock the power of personalization and revolutionize your mobile ecommerce strategy with Smart Discovery.

The power of Smart Discovery: Personalized product collections on ecommerce

Creating a relevant and personalized product discovery experience for customers is crucial, or you’ll immediately lose customers. However, predicting exactly which products will resonate with each individual can be a daunting task. This challenge becomes even more pronounced in the mobile era, with limited screen space and short attention spans. 

Smart Discovery is a visual search solution that dynamically recommends visitors what to search. Based on a visitor’s preferences, their current location on the site, and what’s currently popular on the site, Smart Discovery shows the visitor a personalized selection of recommended searches, or Smart Discovery suggestions. After clicking or tapping on a Smart Discovery, the visitor is shown a curated collection of products (or other items, such as games or articles) matching their search and their interests.

In a normal search scenario, the customer is expected to actively search for products or other items. With Smart Discovery, the Frosmo Platform performs the search on behalf of the customer, doing most of the work.

Smart Discovery is a visual search solution that dynamically recommends visitors what to search
Personalized product collections on ecommerce

At the heart of Smart Discovery lies cutting-edge AI technology, generating product collections based on user behavior, popular search queries, and customer preferences. Unlike traditional product recommendations, Smart Discovery goes beyond suggesting individual items. It enables the display of curated collections that combine product attributes, customer preferences, and popular searches. With Smart Discovery, you can::

  • Boost findability and discovery. Smart Discovery essentially performs searches for your customers, which allows them to effectively find and discover items that are relevant to them in their current customer journey phase.
  • Improve search accuracy on mobile. Since searching on mobile is prone to errors and you can often only fit one or two search results on the screen at a time, it’s more efficient to show a curated collection or products instead.
  • Search visually without having to type. Selecting from visually represented product collections makes for a faster and more accessible search experience than typing in search terms in a search box, especially when on a mobile device.
  • Reduce bounce rate while boosting conversion. Keep visitors on your site and drive them towards conversion by helping them to effortlessly find and purchase relevant items, resulting in increased average order value for the site.
  • Reduce choice overload. On sites where a visitor faces an abundance of choices, Smart Discovery helps the visitor navigate those choices by bundling them into more manageable chunks: by reducing a large number of items into relevant collections of items.

Enhance your customer journey

Smart Discovery is a game-changer on mobile devices, where searching can be cumbersome. By displaying visually appealing curated collections, Smart Discovery streamlines the search experience, improving search accuracy and accessibility for mobile users.

The real power of Smart Discovery lies in the product discovery stage when customers are unsure about what they want or which search terms to use.

Enhance your customer journey with the power of Smart Discovery

Technically, Smart Discoveries can be placed on any page on your site. However, for a typical ecommerce customer journey, we recommend placing Smart Discoveries on the home page and category pages. If the customer is on the home page, the Smart Discovery displays product collections for the entire site. If the customer is on a category page, the discovery only displays product collections relevant to that category.

On the home page, Smart Discovery immediately provides the customer with relevant suggestions without any actions required on their part. On category pages, it helps the customer to narrow down and optimize products for a comparison as well as find new products with similar charasteristics.

Smart Discoveries can also be placed on a search results page where they can help the customer make sense of the search results. The customer doesn’t necessarily need to browse through page after page of search results – instead they can just click a button to see a curated collection.

As customers engage with the site, the Frosmo Platform dynamically displays personalized Smart Discovery suggestions based on the visitor’s affinities and search results, fostering an enjoyable and streamlined experience.

The adoption of Smart Discovery in ecommerce opens up a world of possibilities for your businesses striving to personalize product discovery. By enriching the customer journey and redefining traditional search methods, you can expect to  maximize average order values and minimize bounce rate while you elevate customer engagement and gain a competitive edge. 

Smart Discovery offers a unique solution. Take the leap and explore the transformative potential of Smart Discovery in revolutionizing your ecommerce strategy today.

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