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Add value with Frosmo Email recommendations

The customer journey doesn’t end when the customer leaves the website. You must continue delivering value after the visit and even after the purchase. Effective email recommendations complete customer journeys by connecting the last touchpoint, be it a Google search or a paid ad, to actual conversions. Relevant recommendations included in email marketing campaigns can increase customer engagement and encourage visitors to revisit a website again and to purchase products or services.

Frosmo Email recommendations allow marketers to extend the use of the Frosmo Platform beyond their websites. You can segment your visitors according to their interests, browsing behavior, recent purchases, visit source, and more. Getting recommendations for popular products, visitors are likely to convert and existing customers are more likely to purchase again. Effective email recommendations can significantly boost average order value and increase click-through-rate (CTR) by up to 300%.

How do Frosmo email recommendations work?

In the Frosmo Platform, an email recommendation is a piece of dynamically generated content delivered through an email that can display two to three products. The product displayed is technically a static image created by the Frosmo Platform and displayed in an email. The image features the product image as well as product information, such as name and price. When the recipient opens the message and clicks on one of the images, the link takes them to the corresponding product page on the retail site, where they can see more details about the product.

Add value with Frosmo Email recommendations

Frosmo Email recommendations can be easily implemented and require zero coding skills when there are recommendations already configured for the site. You can include email recommendations to any type of email you send to your customers. Here are some common examples:

  • Welcome email after a visitor has registered as a user
  • Newsletters or other regular emails
  • Order confirmation emails

Frosmo Email recommendations include built-in tracking that allows you to check the most important KPIs at a glance in the Frosmo Control Panel. Watch this video to learn more about how you can extend the use of the Frosmo Platform beyond your website, into the marketing emails you use to communicate with your customers.

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