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Super-Affinity makes every Frosmo user a superhero

Once again, the Frosmo product team has done a great job! The most visible feature coming out now is Super-Affinity.

This article has three parts:

  1. What is affinity and why is it important?
  2. What is Super-Affinity and how to use it?
  3. The business value makes it super

To keep things simple, most examples here are from the world of ecommerce. However, Super-Affinity works on all sites using Frosmo.

1. What is affinity and why is it important?

According to the 1995 version of the Merriam Webster Dictionary, affinity means “Kinship, relationship or attractive force, attraction, sympathy”. The world has changed since that dictionary was published, but the meaning of the word remains the same.

In the Frosmo context, affinity (or visitor affinity) measures a visitor’s level of engagement with the items, such as retail products or online games, on a website. Affinity indicates what an individual visitor is interested in. The more a visitor interacts with specific items, and the more interest they therefore show in those items and the attributes the items represent, the greater their affinity for the items and for similar items.

Understanding visitor’s affinity empowers ecommerce retailers to better serve site visitors while boosting conversion rates and average order values. This creates a positive cycle as relevant customer experiences drive more organic traffic and lower bounce rates. In addition to the direct impact on the sales KPIs, it improves the ROI of marketing campaigns, because existing traffic bounces less and converts more.

As a side note, it’s good to understand that calculating an affinity score doesn’t require using the personal data of a visitor. Also, using the Frosmo Platform doesn’t require any third party cookies.

2. What is Super-Affinity and how to use it?

Super-Affinity allows you to add a layer of dynamic personalization on top of any recommendation strategy. This is super-easy to do: just drag the affinity slider to the correct position in the strategy settings and off you go.

When a strategy is set to apply affinity, a lot starts happening behind the scenes. For one, each website visitor gets their own affinity score profile. This is an automatically generated set of scores for the brands and categories (and optionally other attributes) to which the visitor has shown an interest either by viewing items and content, or by making purchases. If tracking brand and category affinity is not sufficient for your business purposes, we can add tracking for additional attributes on request! For example, you might also want to track affinity for product colors and models.

In addition to the personalization layer for recommendation strategies, Super-Affinity enables some other cool use cases such as rearranging categories based on the visitor’s top affinity and using the affinity information on your customer data platform (CDP) as a dynamic segmentation parameter.

3. The business value makes it super

Super-Affinity offers four main business benefits:

  1. Differentiate from the competition
  2. Improve the user experience – especially on mobile
  3. Reduce manual work and save time
  4. Optimize the entire customer journey

Differentiate from the competition

Every business has their own fingerprint of attributes that are relevant and help them differentiate and achieve business goals. The Frosmo super-affinity allows using those attributes to calculate the affinity score of each visitor. Attributes might be for example:

  • business related such as gross margin or availability
  • domain specific: skin type, color, material
  • brand: high-end and private label brands both have their buyers

Improve the user experience

Did you know that 80% of all Netflix views is based on their recommendations? They are setting the bar for digital user experience. Consumers expect the site to be immediately relevant and help them find the right product. This is especially true for mobile, where the screen size limits options to present many alternatives.

Super-Affinity ensures that each visitor is served with relevant information on the prime spot of their screen. The prime-spot recommendation can serve many purposes and is automatically optimized by Frosmo’s AI algorithms. This makes the shopping experience fast and easy.

Reduce manual work and save time

All Frosmo users have full visibility and control over all recommendation strategies. After a recommendation strategy and level of desired affinity is defined, it’s all automated and always up to date.

With Super-Affinity, also the long-tail of product and landing pages will always highlight the best possible combination of products. If Super-Affinity is not available, recommendations are based on other available data, for example segment information, product views, purchases, or similarity.

Optimize the entire customer journey

Continuous improvement and optimization is the route to success. Super-Affinity offers great opportunities for A/B -testing or multi-armed bandit optimization. Comparing click-through and conversion rates of test variants with different levels of affinities is super-interesting and offers valuable insights.

Your visitors have different needs for information at different stages of their journeys. In the beginning, they want to explore the selection, while toward the end it’s more about completing orders with ancillaries or inspirations offers. Super-Affinity ensures that at each step of the journey, visitors are offered the right products. With a complete offer and smooth experience, they are more likely to come back as loyal buyers.