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Rivalo drives business impact with personalization

Sports and casino operator Rivalo wanted to bring agility to their business so they can serve their customers better and drive stronger business impact to their products, sports, and casino.

They needed a data-driven approach that will make the best use of their pages and boost engagement with easy-to-discover and personalized content based on different player profiles. With a good track record of helping successful iGaming operators, the Frosmo personalization software was up for the challenge.

The most important business KPIs for Rivalo were set for personalization: increase cross-selling from the sports menu to the casino, and good numbers that indicate better customer engagement with the casino content.

Frosmo also aims to increase both speed and flexibility for the marketing team to operate and make changes to the website content.

The business impact of personalization

The great thing about personalization is that you can see the impact immediately. Rivalo has been impressed with the significant results that were quickly generated.

Based on Google Analytics data, the transition from sports lobby to the casino is over 27% higher among visitors who are impacted with the Frosmo recommendation content in the sports lobby.

Moreover, visitors who see the recommended content play 28% more casino games than visitors who see the original content.

“We’re very happy with increased CTR and sales in our casino products delivered by product cross-sell recommendations. We also feel great to be able to cater to the needs of our customers better with a more data-driven approach and personalized content.”

Stefan Kaindlestorfer, Managing Director, Rivalo

Product cross-sell

The first priority was to establish a natural connection between the sports menu and casino to increase cross-sell and to drive engagement in the casino games.

Different platforms for casinos and sports bring challenges to iGaming operators as they typically don’t share customer data and insights. With Frosmo personalization, the behavioral data can be easily shared between the two platforms in the front-end to show highly targeted content tailored to players’ preferences. The process creates opportunities to cross-sell between the platforms, like displaying casino games and content that the player is most likely interested in, and in the most relevant areas when the visitor is most likely to engage.

The approach provides a connection between the two main products, which will increase engagement and conversions. The best practice in providing the cross-sell promotions of casino games is to use collaborative filtering combined with player segmentation.

On Rivalo’s website, casino game recommendations were placed in various places in the sports menus and targeted certain segments of the players. Recommendations game carousel was implemented showing collaboratively filtered content recommendations, such as relevant recommended games that are played most frequently by similar players.

Rivalo recommendations gaem carousel

Dynamic personalized promotional banners

With dynamic and personalized promotional banners in the casino lobby, the goal was to make banners more engaging and relevant for the target segments to increase customer click-through rates (CTR) to promotions.

Rivalo’s marketing team was able to use Frosmo’s templates for deploying the banners which meant increased control and agility to do the changes quickly and efficiently.

One of the goals was to make personalization as easy to use as possible. Frosmo’s easy-to-use personalization templates gave the marketing team content control, speed, and agility to meet the changing needs of our customers in a smart way,“ says Bárbara Piedra, Marketing at Rivalo.

dynamic and personalized promotional banners in the casino lobby

Casino game recommendations

AI-powered recommendations ensure that you’re harnessing all of the data available on every touchpoint of your service. You can leverage this data to start predicting what slot or game your player would like to see next. This continuous combination of learning from a player’s product interest, their profiles, and the context of their visit, means that you can offer highly targeted, relevant, and engaging content.

The key goal of creating personalized game recommendations is to increase the number of games opened and played, which ultimately drives deposits.

Collaboratively filtered content recommendations were used to the game listing with machine learning to understand what the player would like to play next based on similar customer profiles.

Collaboratively filtered content recommendations

For the iGaming business to thrive, the customer experience needs to be personalized. Ultimately, it’s about understanding your players’ needs and personalizing the customer experience while reminding them of the thrill of finding new games to play. The aim of personalization is to offer content or guidance that is relevant to a player’s situation and individual needs. The relevancy drives the likelihood of conversion rates and transaction value.