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Add personalization to your Contentful and React website

First of all, congratulations! You’ve made a great choice for your content infrastructure and front-end environment. You’re among the front-runners in the world who are embracing a headless CMS architecture and React for the presentation layer. By choosing these technologies, you’re on your way to create seamless digital experiences for every screen and channel. With this modern content infrastructure, you’re most probably already doing awesome content to delight your digital visitors.  

But how do you maximize your ROI on one hand and on the other hand make sure that the new technologies are doing what you want them to do: create superior customer experiences and grow your bottom line? The answer is personalized and dynamic content.

“We love our Contentful and React websites and so do our customers. But there’s room for improvement in everything and the ability to personalise the experience adds the extra drop of rocket fuel that makes the difference between good and great.” Martin Paton, CTO, AmazeRealise


Frosmo is fully integrated into Contentful and React

This is where Frosmo comes in. Frosmo is fully integrated into Contentful and React and adds experience optimization features to your web site. This enables smooth personalization, segmentation, and experimentation capabilities to win the hearts and minds of your web visitors.

From a visitor’s point of view, good personalization feels intuitive and equals that of great customer service. From the company’s standpoint, personalization is streamlining the customer journey with content and interaction points for better conversion rates. Read more on how to build an effective process for personalized customer journeys. Offering great customer journeys requires tight teamwork from the content creators, ecommerce team, and developers. The Frosmo integration with Contentful and React enables a smooth and clear process for all these roles, as shown in the picture below. Frosmo brings the business logic to React and Contentful website For content creators in marketing and ecommerce teams, Frosmo adds easy-to-use personalization, targeting, dynamic content, A/B-testing, and collaborative testing spaces to tackle the demands of the modern consumer. The set up brings good news for React developers as well since they can now allow marketing and ecommerce teams to have full UX control without compromising performance, reliability, and relinquishing control of the code.  


For Contentful/React websites Frosmo enables:

  • Marketing-friendly experience optimization
  • Dynamic content based on machine learning algorithms
  • Behavioral targeting for personalized user journeys


Ready to see Frosmo in action?

Request a demo _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About the writer: Tanja Säde is the Chief of Marketing at Frosmo. With 20 years of experience in technology marketing, she is always curious about the latest technologies and marketing trends. She is enthusiastic about creating superior digital customer experiences through data, personalization, and AI. Outside of work, she is a yoga addict.