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Case studies


Retail: Scandinavian Outdoor

Scandinavian Outdoor drives ecommerce growth with personalized customer journeys


Retail: Big Bang

Big Bang boosts ecommerce revenue with Frosmo Search.


iGaming: Swisslos

Swisslos relies on Frosmo for optimization and personalization – achieving great results


Media: A-Lehdet

A-lehdet serves superior customer experiences for 5 communities through a single simplified stack.


iGaming: 188BET

188BET collaborates with Frosmo to reduce churn and grow lifetime value through artificial intelligence


Retail: Rajala

Rajala delivers fast, easy, and relevant personalized experiences with Frosmo.


Retail: Power

Power works with Frosmo to help advance the customer journey towards better product discovery and conversion.

Case study videos


Talk with POWER: Grow online sales with personalization and recommendations

Learn how Power significantly improved performance of their online retail store utilizing personalization and recommendation features.


Webbdagarna 2021 breakfast seminar talk with Contentful

Experts from Frosmo and Contentful talk about personalization and introduce Contentful’s journey to solution. 45-minute video covering full seminar talk.


Personalization use cases to improve customer experience

Watch how Frosmo and dentsu helped Caruna with their challenges through personalization to improve customer experiences.


Combining creative marketing ideas with personalization to boost product cross-sell and increase active players

Learn how to combine creative marketing ideas with personalization to boost product cross-sell and increase active players.


Personalization for lead generation

Experts from Frosmo and Contentful talk about personalization and applying ecommerce principles to content.

Success stories


SB Ecommerce rolls Frosmo out to three new web stores

SB Ecommerce is an ecommerce company based in Lahti, Finland, with more than ten different ecommerce sites. Their main markets…


Caruna after one year of personalization initiative

Caruna started their personalization initiative one year ago. The initial objectives were to improve the customer experience of the website…


POWER’s online sales grow with personalization and recommendations

Jarkko Lehtismäki (Chief Technology Officer) from POWER International AS and Timo Vuori (Chief Sales Officer) from Frosmo had a great…


Using personalization for lead generation

Managing an effective lead-generation flow should be an important topic in every company. Adding personalization to the process brings great…


Caruna’s personalization use cases to improve customer experience

Personalization has now extended to the entire customer experience. Customers expect personalization throughout their interactions with a certain brand in…


Swisslos significantly boosts players through improved customer experience and personalization

Swisslos is a national lottery game provider from Switzerland since 1937. The games include lotteries, sports bets, and instant tickets…