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Improved user acquisition

188BET collaborates with Frosmo to reduce churn and grow lifetime value through artificial intelligence

Machine Learning (ML) allows easy solving of complex questions for online gaming businesses, such as  ‘Is this player a potential VIP customer?’. The answers to these questions are derived from the vast amount of data that online services now produce. Mining the data to identify opportunities is then the key step to truly understand the […]

Clas Ohlson gains great results with validated personalized customer journeys with SAP Hybris and Frosmo

Continuous and fast front-end development Smart product recommendations AI-powered multi-armed bandit for data-driven decisions Clas Ohlson celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2018, which makes them one of the oldest online stores in Sweden. When it comes to online retailing, Clas Ohlson considers itself a startup despite being one of the strongest retail brands in the […]

Reima is creating superior customer experiences with SAP Hybris and Frosmo

Increased conversions with product recommendations Customized user experience A/B testing for data-driven decisions     Reima is the global leading brand in functional kids’ wear. Its mission is to encourage children to discover the joy of movement that stays true to its business idea of providing a good quality, year-around, tip-to-toe wardrobe for active children, […]

The journey from web visitor to loyal customer

Fast and easy front-end development Customized user experience Making pages responsive in all browsers and devices Kauppahalli24 is an independent online grocery store in Finland. The food industry is highly competitive and dominated by giant food chains. To stand out from the competition the customer experience has to be exceptionally good. And that’s what Kauppahalli24 […]

Venuepoint reduced manual work and increased conversions through personalization

Minimize the manual workload by eliminating CMS limitations Increase ticket sales through improved user experience Help visitors find relevant and interesting events easily Venuepoint is a provider of professional ticketing services owned by Nordisk Film and Eventim. Venuepoint operates in 25 countries and transmits more than 140 million tickets yearly for over 200 000 concerts, […]

Dafabet Connect receives 65.6% of their downloads through Frosmo modifications

Fast time-to-market Site-wide promotional campaigns Significant contribution to conversions Dafabet enlisted Frosmo to make their customers aware of the new Dafabet Connect software. The resulting modifications made by Frosmo have contributed to 65.6% of total download conversions. In just under 2 weeks, the promotional campaign made it from concept and design all the way to […]

Greater customer loyalty & retention

Seamless cross-channel journeys

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