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Personalization brings outstanding customer experiences in all touchpoints

Website personalization is a great way for travel providers to turn the data from customers into a great customer journey…


Rajala delivers fast, easy, and relevant personalized experiences with Frosmo

Rajala is a privately owned photo specialist chain founded over 100 years ago. With online and physical stores in Finland…


Creating a winning website: A complete guide to updating your website

Mikael Gummerus In this article, we’ll highlight the most common pitfalls of rushing into a new website that we’ve seen…


Ensuring the continuity of our services as the COVID-19 spreads across the world

To Frosmo customers Ensuring the continuity of the SaaS services that Frosmo offers is part of our business continuity planning.…


Better customer experiences through personalization in the travel industry

Wilfrid Kroath A holiday is so much more than just being at the actual destination. The customer journey consists of…


Introducing Natural Language Processing – The way to personalize content

Tom de Raad Natural Language Processing, NLP in short, is all the rage -- and with good reason. With this…


Is your marketing automation delivering great customer experiences?

Tanja Säde The majority of purchase decisions nowadays are based on customer experiences (CX), not on prices. CX should be…


Frosmo welcomes Solteq to partner network

We’ve been evaluating collaboration opportunities with Solteq for the last twelve months. Now it’s about time to make it official.…


How AI-driven personalization and human creativity make a winning pair

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides opportunities for augmenting human creativity. You can now design campaigns that deliver the right experience in…


Frosmo Workspaces – The proper way to test personalization

Tom De Raad When you work with online testing and personalization, you inevitably run into questions like “how can you…


Great customer experience starts with segmentation

Tom de Raad As marketers and ecommerce professionals we know that there’s a positive impact on website KPIs when our…


9 personalization trends to keep an eye on in 2020

Mikael Gummerus Growing your ecommerce business faster than the market is not an easy feat. Heavy investments in customer acquisition…