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4 revenue-driving personalised customer experiences for iGaming

Brands need to stand out to be successful. Costs of acquisition are rising due to the ever-increasing competition. These factors,…


Add personalization to your Contentful and React website

First of all, congratulations! You’ve made a great choice for your content infrastructure and front-end environment. You’re among the front-runners…


Multi-armed bandit optimization makes testing faster and smarter with machine learning

Alex Vieler-Porter Test faster, smarter, and more efficient. MAB optimization makes testing faster and smarter with machine learning. With multi-armed…


188BET collaborates with Frosmo to reduce churn and grow lifetime value through artificial intelligence

Machine Learning (ML) allows easy solving of complex questions for online gaming businesses, such as  ‘Is this player a potential…


Reima creates superior customer experiences with Frosmo and SAP Hybris

Increased conversions with product recommendationsCustomized user experienceA/B testing for data-driven decisions Reima is the global leading brand in functional kids’…


Introduction to headless CMS: pros, cons and the future

Welcome to the age of headless technology In a digital era of a variety of devices and channels, an accessible…


User experience is king for online gaming

Dafabet is operating in the fast-growing online gaming market in Asia. They’ve managed to stay one of Asia's leading online…


Dafabet Connect receives 65.6% of their downloads through Frosmo modifications

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Fast time-to-market Site-wide promotional campaigns Significant contribution to conversions Dafabet enlisted…


Statement on the General Data Protection Regulation

How is Frosmo preparing for the GDPR? FROSMO takes data protection very seriously and is prepared to be fully compliant…


Get to know Vesa – Team Lead Developer

Vesa slowly spins a frisbee between his hands while one of the visiting dogs is looking up in anticipation. There…