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Frosmo Workspaces – The proper way to test personalization

Tom De Raad When you work with online testing and personalization, you inevitably run into questions like “how can you…


Great customer experience starts with segmentation

Tom de Raad As marketers and ecommerce professionals we know that there’s a positive impact on website KPIs when our…


9 personalization trends to keep an eye on in 2020

Mikael Gummerus Growing your ecommerce business faster than the market is not an easy feat. Heavy investments in customer acquisition…


What is website personalization?

We all know that every web visitor and customer has different individual interests and needs. Every visit they make to…


Getting the best out of personalization

Personalization is not an easy journey. And despite its strong business case, positive results, and years of experimentation to further…


Shopping funnel optimization tips

For ecommerce stores, the holiday season is the best time of the year for a different reason — it’s the…


Delivering product recommendations that customers can trust

Maija Erkheikki Helsinki is located on a peninsula and surrounded by the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. So half…


Introducing a faster way to personalize

Workflows. The sequence of actions taken to perform a task from beginning to end. Optimized workflows are invaluable as they…


Benefits of website personalization

"Personalization is a software that applies context about individual users to select, tailor and deliver messaging such as content, offers…


A-lehdet serves superior customer experiences for five communities with one tech stack

A-lehdet shows media companies the way to customers’ hearts with a technical solution flexible enough to meet the ever-changing demands…


The positive loop of personalization through loyalty

Teppo Halonen The business case for investing in personalization has a simple proven formula. Personalization impacts the conversion rate and…


4 revenue-driving personalised customer experiences for iGaming

Brands need to stand out to be successful. Costs of acquisition are rising due to the ever-increasing competition. These factors,…