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3 Data-Driven Steps Towards Hyper-Personalization

Álvaro Menezes Personalization can be used to improve the experience of both anonymous and known customers. The challenge is that…


Banking in a World of Hyper-Personalization: Is banking so much different than ecommerce?

Christian Schultz Financial services are changing rapidly. Over the coming years, banks will need to ensure their purpose reflects the…


Using personalization for lead generation

Managing an effective lead-generation flow should be an important topic in every company. Adding personalization to the process brings great…


Caruna’s personalization use cases to improve customer experience

Personalization has now extended to the entire customer experience. Customers expect personalization throughout their interactions with a certain brand in…


Customer Data Platform & Personalization Engine combined equals personalization on steroids

Tatu Kuivalahti A Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a Personalization Engine have the same end in mind, namely, to use…


Ecommerce trends a year into COVID-19: Customer experience at the heart of the business

Johanna Vasala COVID-19 had a significant impact on companies in 2020. Some were able to grow at a record-breaking speed…


3 iGaming CMO challenges and how to overcome them through personalization

Our world is rapidly becoming a customer’s paradise. The iGaming industry has become even more crowded, competitive, and has totally…


Benefits of headless commerce for your online selling goals

Brad Gustavesen Ecommerce teams are challenged with building dynamic fast performing sites, growing sales and engaging with customers on a…


Swisslos significantly boosts players through improved customer experience and personalization

Swisslos is a national lottery game provider from Switzerland since 1937. The games include lotteries, sports bets, and instant tickets…


4 website personalization trends, tips, and tricks for 2021

Mikael Gummerus With the surge of ecommerce in 2020, brands are forced to rely mostly on their online stores. The…


A marketer’s dilemma: Overcoming the challenge of IT resourcing in iGaming

David Nelson At Frosmo, we’ve seen how our iGaming customers battle with time management and struggle which of the many…


4 tips and tricks to deliver smart and effective product recommendations in retail

When trying to sell a product in a department store, you can’t have the same pitch to every potential customer.…